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"Stirred, not shaken." This is not an order at the bar from a James Bond movie, but the paraphrase of our Schierker Feuerstein mustard. It is hand-stirred in a small manufactory and refined with Schierker Feuerstein during the individual hand movements. Due to the coordinated contents, you can enjoy it as a sauce substitute for sausages and steaks or use it to refine delicious salads or fish dishes.


Content: 210 ml


Ingredients: Mustard (88 % from water, Mustardsaat, distilled vinegar, spices), Schierker Feuerstein herbal half bitters (6%), sugar beets (3.6%), sugar (1.6%), salt, apple juice, dextrose, natural flavors: caffeine, black tea.

May contain traces of alcohol.

Sewing value table mustard


Includes 7% MwSt.
(2,62  / 100 ml)
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 Werktage

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