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Schierker Feuerstein - Das Original

the original.

Willy's secret of fine herbs.

We have been successfully ensuring this for over 100 years. With passion and patience for quality, careful processing and traditional craftsmanship - in the middle of Germany. Discover here what makes our Schierker so unique: Our tradition, your recipes, hearty, mild taste. The recipe for Schierker Feuerstein is only known within the family. We can only reveal this much: It also contains local herbs ...

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For example as Schierkerinha.


  • 5 cl Schierker Feuerstein
  • 2 teaspoons cane sugar (white or brown)
  • Glass: long drink
  • Garnish: lime & peppermint

Eight the lime, add cane sugar and squeeze out in the glass with a wooden pestle, fill up with crushed ice, add Schierker Feuerstein and stir briefly with a long bar spoon.