Discover the harz-glitter.

liquer with glitter.

Fruity, sparkling and to shake.

Schierkuja is something very special. Because the liqueur with a fruity note not only tastes delicious, it also looks fantastic. Since we add a bit of glitter to its recipe for that special something, it absolutely deserves its name "harz-glitter".

Schierkuja is available in three different bottle sizes: as a companion for on the go in the practical 20 ml portion bottle, in the popular 0.7 l bottle or as a party eye-catcher in the 1.75 l magnum bottle. Whether big or small - Schierkuja is the absolute eye-catcher at every event. With its fruity note and the noble glitter, it also cuts a fine figure when mixed, e.g. in sparkling wine, and always creates a good mood.

The liqueur with 15% vol. tastes like a mix of the popular Schierker Feuerstein and fruity passion fruit. At the same time, it has its very own character. It tastes simply delicious both at room temperature and chilled. If it could speak, it would probably say "Shake me!" quite often. Because over time, the glitter settles at the bottom of the bottle. That's perfectly normal. You prefer it glittery? No problem. Just shake the bottle and swirling the glitter comes out again.

Schierkuja is available in our Online-Shop, in our Fanshop in Schierke and in the factory outlet in Bad Lauterberg. Many well-stocked retail partners also carry it. If you can't find it locally, just ask your local dealer. Surely he will be happy to order the Schierkuja liqueur for you.

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Schierkuja 0,7 l
Includes 19% MwSt.
(17,86  / 1 L)
Schierkuja 0.02 l 3-Pack
Includes 19% MwSt.
(4,83  / 100 ml)
Schierkuja 1,75 l
Includes 19% MwSt.
(26,80  / 1 L)
Schierkuja 0,02 l
Includes 19% MwSt.
(3,58  / 100 ml)