Schierker Feuerstein.

from the harz mountains into the world.

the original since 1908.

Willy's secret of fine herbs.

Genuine, honest, typical - that is Schierker Feuerstein. More than 100 years ago, a pharmacist in the small town of Schierke had a feeling for the ideal combination of tasty herbs: Our ancestor and founder Willy Drube.

Many of the guests who vacationed in what was then known as the "St. Moritz of the North" and who also visited Willy Drube in his pharmacy "Zum Roten Fingerhut" were looking for a drink to enjoy after a good meal. He was convinced that he could create an extraordinary recipe. Day after day and night after night, the pharmacist spent tirelessly searching for the perfect recipe for his drink until he finally succeeded - the herbal half-bitter later sold under the name "Schierker Feuerstein" was born.

Soon the Schierker Feuerstein was sold in large quantities far beyond the Harz Mountains.

This story full of pioneering spirit, tireless work and hope is in every single drop of Schierker Feuerstein. But what is it all for?

For the enjoyment of live, for social gatherings and extraordinary moments.

Then as now.

The special thing about Schierker Feuerstein is its recipe. It makes the herbal half bitter a real traditional drink. Even today, we produce it according to the unchanged original recipe of Willy Drube. For this purpose, we macerate selected domestic and overseas herbs and roots with pure wine spirit. The original recipe is top secret and is only passed on within the family - meanwhile in the 4th generation. Thus, the spirit of Willy Drube lives on in every bottle of Schierker Feuerstein.

Even though the recipe of our Schierker has not been changed, a lot has happened at Schierker Feuerstein since its birth.  Six different bottle sizes from 0.02 l to 1.75 l can be filled on the modern filling lines in the Bad Lauterberger production facility. Numerous quality controls throughout the entire production process are the basis for the consistently high quality and the inimitable taste experience of Schierker Feuerstein.

Classically, you can enjoy Schierker pure and ice cold. But it also cuts an excellent figure when mixed. Do you want to try? Then take a look at our Drinks Page .

Schierker Feuerstein has become an indispensable trademark of the region. For its unique recipe, Willy Drube's Herbal Half-Bitter is now known and loved far beyond the Harz.

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Also as a gift.

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Schierker Feuerstein 0,7 l
Includes 19% MwSt.
(17,86  / 1 L)
Schierker Feuerstein 0,02 l
Includes 19% MwSt.
(3,58  / 100 ml)
Schierker Feuerstein GePa Shot
Includes 19% MwSt.
Schierker Feuerstein De Luxe 2
Includes 19% MwSt.