The Schierker Feuerstein Arena.

A new piece of home bears our name.

On December 16, 2017, the Schierker Feuerstein Arena, owned by the town of Wernigerode, opened its doors in Schierke. We are the proud name giver of the former natural ice stadium, which was converted into a modern multifunctional arena.

With space for up to 4,900 visitors, great events take place here throughout the year. In winter, the Schierker Feuerstein Arena offers a scenic backdrop for ice skating, ice disco, ice hockey or curling. In summer there is music, theater, children's and family events to experience. Regardless of wind and weather, a colorful mix of cultural and sporting events is offered at any time of the year. A visit is worthwhile for young and old!

The Schierker Feuerstein Arena is also visually an absolute eye-catcher. The filigree roof construction spans the multifunctional arena with approximately 2,400 square meters of glass fiber membrane. It rests on only two points of the building. Thanks to the innovative solution of the architectural firm GRAFT© the roof provides a view of the slopes of the Upper Harz and the Schierk sky at all times. It skillfully combines the unmistakable nature with the historic competition tower and the natural stone terrace made of Harz granite. Important requirements of historic preservation were also taken into account.

In addition, the Schierker Feuerstein Arena houses a conference room that can accommodate up to 25 people. The modern room offers a comprehensive range of conference equipment and a modern glass door leading out onto the terrace and grandstand. This ensures an incomparable view during the seminar break.

If you want to relax a little after a sportive activity or an entertaining cultural program, you will find a cozy place with delicious food and drinks in the MEPHISTO - of course also with a delicious Schierker Feuerstein. Anyone visiting the tranquil village of Schierke should definitely pay a visit to the Schierker Feuerstein Arena. Take the opportunity to visit Willy's Pharmacy .